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CaCPCA State Care Planning Council is a single source of community care providers and advisers who help the public deal with eldercare needs. State councils provide a platform for local groups of providers and advisors to offer the following services:

  • Educate the public on how to plan for long term care
  • Provide a local source of 15 to 20 different eldercare services through one single state contact
  • Promote a recognized name offering reliable services

State Council Advisory Boards provide oversight and management of State Care Planning Council members in selected geographic areas. Each Board represents a spectrum of eldercare advisors or providers who are experts in their particular area of service. A Board is composed of companies or individuals representing anywhere from 8 to 20 specific areas of eldercare services. The number of specialties on an Advisory Board is dictated by the needs of the community in the geographic area the Advisory Board serves.

Each Advisory Board is supervised by an Advisory Board Director. Directors are chosen based on their experience and their desire to serve the community. Directors coordinate the activities of Board Members and other members of the State Care Planning Council in their service area.

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monthly Planning For Eldercare Article

Three Reasons Seniors are Failing to Cope in Their Final Years

November 7, 2022

Inadequate Income
If a senior or a senior couple is relying on investments and savings such as Social Security or pensions to augment income, and for various reasons those retirement accounts did not produce the anticipated results, many seniors find themselves in a bind in their later years where they are unable seek employment to make up the difference.

Income might also not be keeping pace due to an unwanted accumulation of debt, particularly credit card debt. For whatever reason, banks have been particularly liberal about issuing credit cards to older individuals who may not have the capacity to service debt. The debt may have been necessary because of a major home repair, or unforeseen high medical bills, or because of a bad investment due to unreasonable expectations, or exploitation from those who prey on the poor decision-making of seniors. Servicing debt is a major drawdown on income.

Another major factor for inadequate funds could be that income flow from year-to-year is not keeping pace with inflation. This is particularly true for seniors on Social Security or fixed pensions who must pay for the high cost of medical care. The cost of seniors' medical care, due to aging, increases faster than yearly increases in Social Security. Also, in some areas, the cost of maintaining a household due to higher utility bills, higher taxes and higher maintenance costs rises faster than the cost-of-living adjustments in Social Security income. The latest yearly increase in social security income was 8.7%.

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