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CaCPCA State Care Planning Council is a single source of community care providers and advisers who help the public deal with eldercare needs. State councils provide a platform for local groups of providers and advisors to offer the following services:

  • Educate the public on how to plan for long term care
  • Provide a local source of 15 to 20 different eldercare services through one single state contact
  • Promote a recognized name offering reliable services

State Council Advisory Boards provide oversight and management of State Care Planning Council members in selected geographic areas. Each Board represents a spectrum of eldercare advisors or providers who are experts in their particular area of service. A Board is composed of companies or individuals representing anywhere from 8 to 20 specific areas of eldercare services. The number of specialties on an Advisory Board is dictated by the needs of the community in the geographic area the Advisory Board serves.

Each Advisory Board is supervised by an Advisory Board Director. Directors are chosen based on their experience and their desire to serve the community. Directors coordinate the activities of Board Members and other members of the State Care Planning Council in their service area.

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Elder Law and Estate Planning Advice

February 13, 2018

Many aging seniors rely entirely on family or other trusted individuals to help them. Whether it is physiological or psychological, as people grow older, they tend to grow more childlike. The dependence upon caregivers or family members makes an older person more vulnerable for abuse and financial exploitation. Legal arrangements and protective actions by family may be necessary to shield loved ones from abuse.

Making legal decisions about property, finances, power of attorney, and last rights are important tasks to complete in planning for long term care. Having provided the legal arrangements, assets, and who will be designated to be responsible for the welfare of the aging loved ones can avoid family disputes, abuse of needs and finances, and preservation of assets.

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Reverse Mortgage Services

John Correll, Director
Lineage Lending
Reverse Mortgages
NMLS #1004396
CA-BRE #01353015

Phone: (619) 294-9820

Contact Amos Johnson

Amos Johnson
Asset Preservation Specialist

Phone: (619) 420-2460

Kandis Munro

Kandis Munro
Senior Care Coordinators

Phone: (619) 895-2567

Fay & Lawler, Attorneys at Law

Thomas C. Lawler
Fay & Lawler, Attorneys at Law

Phone: (619) 858-1800

Kim Paton

Kim Paton
Senior Certified Real Estate Consultant
BRE# 01725870

Phone: (619) 417-0765

Carol Braun

Carol Braun
Accredited Home Care
License HCO# 374700083

Phone: (619) 265-1234

Preferred Cremation and Burial

Mark Jenkins
Preferred Cremation and Burial
Cremation services, burial arrangements, and funerals

Phone: (619) 584-7000

Jennifer Jenkins and Brenda Jones

Jennifer Jenkins and Brenda Jones
Retirement, Health & Life Insurance Solutions

Phone: (858) 766-9252

Virginia Renker, CSA, MPH

Virginia Renker, CSA, MPH
ROSE – Residential Options for Seniors and the Elderly

Phone: (619) 885-0420

Troy Stempek

Troy Stempek
Elite Hospice

Phone: (800) 858-0630

IKOR, La Jolla

Carol Cannizzo, RN, CSA
Canndo Advocacy Services

Phone: (760) 583-5199

Harmony Home Medical

Erica Sell
Harmony Home Medical

Phone: (858) 560-8177

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eldercare workshops

The council offers eldercare workshops for businesses and organizations. These workshops cover various eldercare services and can be tailored to meet your needs, from a 20 minute lunch meeting to a one hour seminar.

Below is a list of our workshops. Click on the title of your choice for a preview. If you would like to schedule a workshop presentation contact us at:

Phone: (619) 420-2460

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